St Davids honey is a small honey producer born out of a passion for beekeeping and good local honey.

We started keeping bees nearly ten years ago in a hive at the bottom of the garden but as the number of hives grew we started selling the surplus honey to friends and people in the community and St Davids honey was born.

Over the last decade we have added little by little to our beekeeping knowledge and expanded the number of hives we keep.

We sell our honey locally in St Davids in the Butchers and the Veg Patch or you can pop around the house to buy a jar. If you are further afield honey can be purchased through this website and delivered anywhere in the UK and we offer a free delivery service to SA62 6 postcodes.

The honey we bottle is exclusively gathered from the wild flowers on the St David peninsular and gardens of Britain’s smallest city. The mix of coastal flora and traditional forage plants makes for a delicate but tasty honey that conjurers up the coastpath on summers days.